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Custom Signs And Visual Solutions For Your Business

Visuals are one of the most important things in marketing, as based on how your product or business looks (signs, displays, etc), also which stylistic features these contain, the perception of a potential customer largely depends. The better technically and creatively your brand identity is performed, the more attention it attracts. Also, it helps to create a positive perception even before getting acquainted with the features of the product.

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Our sign company in Hamilton offers a wide range of services to assist you with promoting and recognizing your business. By hiring our team, you can get a custom sign, created based on the main aspects of your business, which will help reveal some of its key features in the best way. Also, our sign service company provides branding from A to Z. From brochures, and business cards to interior signs, sign installation, exterior signage, etc.

When cooperating with our sign shop in Hamilton you can get great solutions related to the:


Displays for booth

Booths are often used as part of a company’s marketing strategy to reach new audiences. Most often, stands and displays can be seen at various events, or as outdoor advertising. It is a great opportunity to present your product to both people who are already familiar with it, or interested in your niche, and the casual passerby, thus the expense of making displays for booths is a great investment to grow your business.
And our sign making company offers customized solutions for such purposes. Based on your needs, we will design, manufacture and install displays for booths that will meet your goals, from style to shape, size, etc.



Any business cannot be imagined without signs. Logos, slogans, advertising boards, signs – all of these contribute to the recognition and can say a lot about the business, as a cheap or stylistically unpleasant sign design can scare off a potential consumer.
At our sign shop in Hamilton, we focus on creating visually pleasing signs that create a positive perception. With a custom sign, your business will get its unique identity to draw attention.



Branding is quite a broad area that covers many aspects of the business. And this thing should be given priority. You may introduce an amazing product, but none of these matters if no one knows about it.
Therefore, style, identity, and business positioning are the most important details for attracting attention and interacting with a potential consumer.
Our creative team will do some research about the features of your business to perform the visual design that will promote your branding and recognition which helps to create the best image and perception. It includes graphic design, brochures, flyers, business cards, printing services, and many more.

Our Signage Services

Kustom-Designs is an experienced sign company in Hamilton with a wide range of services to guarantee the best result for your marketing goals. To make things easier we divide our services into three categories. 

Depending on your goals, you can get the service you need!

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Exhibits & Displays
Brand Indentity Design

Benefits of Working With Kustom-Designs


Sign Manufacturing

When choosing our sign company in Hamilton you can get dependable sign manufacturing, based on your goals, wishes, and branding.

We will provide you with a custom sign to make it unique, nice looking, and well-suitable for your exact type of business and its features. Whether you need large format printing, signs for your storefront, promo, or indoor, each of these purposes can be easily accomplished. 

With fully customized signs it becomes way easier not only to make your company more recognizable, but also to improve its appearance both outside and inside, as small details typically have a significant impact on ambiance and perception, which may transform your storefront, office, or cards into something beautiful.  

So if you are seeking a sign company in Hamilton we are here and you can be sure we are doing our job in the best way and on time!


High-quality signs

When we talk about quality, we mean not only the quality of visuals but also the properties of these signs. Because one can create a great graphic design that will attract attention at first sight, but if the sign itself is made of low-quality materials with cheap paints, then it will lose all of its attractiveness and charm soon.

At Kustom-Designs, we pay special attention to the materials we use when manufacturing signs, thus our products retain their attractive appearance for a long time, due to resistance to many external factors and weather conditions.

With our sign company in Hamilton, you may feel free about the quality of the sign’s design, print, and materials!


Full-Service Sign

One of the main benefits when hiring us is that we provide full service in the sign development process. From creating its visuals, project management, and customization to sign installation and manufacturing.  So that you don’t need to spend your time and effort as our crew will do all the work from A to Z providing you with well-suitable solutions for your specific business and goals.


Wide List Of Types of Visual Solutions

Our main goal is to offer you fully customizable solutions. That’s why we provide a wide range of various services related to signage, brand identity design, and sign manufacturing to accomplish all of your needs. 

Contact us and describe your wishes and we will find the most suitable solutions to make your company or product more unique and recognizable!

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The brand’s identity is crucial for the perception of the product and it helps to create a first impression. The more attractive, engaging, and unique the stylistic, the better result you will get!
Create and customize your brand precisely in the way you imagine it with Kustom-Designs!

Frequently Asked Questions

Advertising laws vary by city and province. Generally, you do not need a permit for interior signs or sign refurbishment, however, if your purpose is exterior signs you will need to obtain a permit.

The best format for such purposes is a vector file to keep high-resolution quality (these are .eps, .ai, .pdf, .cdr, .cgm, .cad). JPEG and PNG files typically have poor scalability which may spoil the quality of logos or artworks.

Yes, we provide a warranty. With durable and quality components usage our signs retain their appearance for a long period and we guarantee an expected lifetime of the sign. 

The main pricing factors are the work’s difficulty, the sign’s type & size, the place of installation, its accessibility, and permits. For more details contact us.