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Exhibits & Booth Displays in Hamilton, ON

Custom exhibits & displays for trade shows and events are a great way to increase your brand awareness, attract new audiences and tell about yourself. That’s why banners, displays, and signs are essential to marketing strategy, as it often creates the first impression.

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Our Exhibit & Displays Solutions

Brand identity is always an extensive thing that includes many details, the proper combination of which allows one to achieve the desired effect: to attract attention, be interesting and encourage action.

As business promotion is a multi-faceted process, we offer a wide range of solutions when it comes to trade shows and exhibits & displays to meet the specific needs of each of our clients.


Trade Show Displays

Trade shows are visited by both people who are already familiar with some brands, and beginners for whom all this is new. Being in a place where several companies are gathered at once, the main task of each of them is to stand out and attract attention. Just for such cases, trade show booth displays are used.

The more interesting, unique, and noticeable your booth is, the more potential audience you can attract to reveal your product.

We create trade show booth displays based on your wishes and goals to provide a pleasant visual experience for trade show attendees and guarantee a positive outcome from the event.


Tension Fabric Displays

Tension fabric displays are perhaps one of the most user-friendly yet effective solutions. These displays are made from stretchy fabric, which makes things a lot easier.

With tension fabric displays, you get a visual appeal that will attract visitors’ attention at trade shows, as well as enhanced practicality, since the simple mechanism behind these makes the assembly and disassembly processes quick and easy. In addition, it fits in a small carrying bag, so if you don’t want to mess around with bulky things, it is a great choice!


Pop-up Displays

Pop up displays have some similarities with tension fabric displays. These are easy to assemble in a few minutes and conveniently attachable even with the usual velcro.

The graphics are printed on a stretch fabric providing a visually appealing and high-quality print to grab attention. The display is stretched and then fixed on a metal frame during assembly. Due to their features, such displays are comfortable and useful, as they are both easy to handle and attractive, which then helps to interest the audience and make your booth visible.

Pop up displays are best when you need to show large amounts of information and graphics.


Retractable Banners

Retractable banners are another user-friendly option for trade shows. These banners are portable and come with a stand and case. Due to their mechanism and simple assembly, the installation of such a banner will take only a couple of minutes.

Also, retractable banners are great for being reusable many times, which, combined with their practical and quick assembly, makes them an excellent option if you’re going to visit multiple shows in a row to promote your business and products.


Mesh(polyester) Banners

Mesh banners are most commonly used when it comes to exhibits & displays. Made from polyester, these banners won’t crack when the fabric is stretched or folded, meaning the print and image quality won’t be compromised even after many uses.

Due to such sustainability, mesh banners can be used repeatedly, and can be applied not only for booths at trade shows but also for the outdoor promotion of your business.

The material such banners are made of is light, making mesh banners convenient for transportation and installation.


Perforated(vinyl) Banners

Perforated banners are one of the most durable and weatherproof, and they are also tear-resistant, that’s why such banners are great for both trade shows and outdoor advertising. In addition, they can be used many times over a long period of time, which makes perforated banners a perfect solution.

However, It’s worth noting that vinyl banners can be quite heavy compared to fabric ones, making them more difficult to set up and transport, but their main advantage is durability.


Non-perforated(vinyl) Banners

As with perforated vinyl banners, non-perforated banners are also highly resistant and durable, that’s why they are cost-efficient, especially in the long term.

At the same time, due to their features, these custom vinyl banners retain intensity and color saturation, which makes them easily visible and attractive

Well-suitable to grab attention, and with unique graphics, custom vinyl banners are the perfect way to make your business stand out. Try custom banner solutions in Hamilton and reach new audiences with signage services from Kustom-Designs!!


Backdrop Banners

Backdrop banners are arguably one of the most visible at any trade show. Installed as advertising background, these banners are great for attracting attention, standing out from other stands, and taking photos with visitors.

Backdrop banners support both vinyl and fabric print. In addition, being a kind of flagship of your stand, there is no better place for the brand’s logo and stylistics.

These banners are best suited for indoor trade shows but can also be used outdoors.

With custom graphics solutions and backdrop banners from Kustom-Designs in Hamilton, capturing attention is a breeze!


Feather Flags

Feather flags are another great option when it comes to branding. Flags are a minor detail, unlike stands or banners, but they play a significant role in attracting attention.

Depending on the exhibitions’ rules, sometimes you are allowed to place feather flags near your booth and in other places, attracting attention even before you are noticed. In addition, if the trade show is held outdoors, the flag waving in the wind also unconsciously influences visitors, increasing the chance of being seen.

Improve your booth by adding flags with the brand’s logo or style.


Custom Tablecloth

Just like with flags, the custom tablecloth is more of a great extra to your booth, but they are also kind of the icing on the cake, providing the booth with a unique brand identity.

The custom tablecloth can be made in different sizes, based on your needs and wishes. For example, it may cover the entire surface of the table or a small part of it, as well as cover all sides or just the back of the table.

Performed in the unique style of your brand, the tablecloth will help make your stand more memorable!


Custom Canopy Tents

Pop up canopy tents are another great way to make your business noticeable at the show. In addition, these tents are a versatile solution, as they are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Branded pop up canopy tents are great not only for attracting attention but also for being convenient for you and visitors as such tents have enough space to showcase the company’s products in a comfortable way.

Canopy tents can be printed in full color and have a long service life, making them one of the most popular things for exhibitions.

Why Choose Kustom-Designs

We are a well-experienced and skilled team when it comes to branding, signage, and content creation in Hamilton.

Based on our knowledge of how marketing and branding works, we offer a variety of custom solutions to help you achieve your goals. Whether it be banners, tents, signs, or stands, our creative team will make them truly unique and recognizable.

Visually pleasing print, interesting concepts, and identities are important parts of the brand’s perception. That’s why we provide a wide range of services so that you can constantly attract new audiences and grow your business.

When hiring Kustom Designs, you don’t have to worry about the timing and quality of the final result!

Frequently Asked Questions

We make banners and displays of various sizes depending on your specific goals. Therefore, if you need a large display or a small banner for a trade show, we can easily make it!

The main purpose of such displays is to make you visible, especially if there are many other companies present at the exhibition or trade show. With interesting prints and brand identity, it becomes much easier to attract a new audience, so displays contribute to promoting your products as well.

Production time may vary depending on many factors, such as the complexity of the task, the creation of the design, the printing, the size and features of the particular display, and your time frame as well. Contact us and describe your needs to find out more details regarding your specific case.

Depending on the features of the stand, banner, or tent, assembly time may vary. However, most of the options we offer are assembled quite quickly and easily within a couple of minutes. However, huge backdrops or displays can be more difficult to both assemble and transport.