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Pop-Up Displays in Hamilton

Now that you are here, you are well on your way to getting the right trade show pop-up displays that will bring new life to your booth. These kinds of displays are perfect for giving you a unique look that sets you apart from the competition. When done right, pop-up displays can give your booth the much-needed spark you need to draw as much attention as possible to your banner stands.

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Not only are they bold and very attractive, but they are also very high-quality display solutions, and they send the right message across to your audience even before they know what your business is all about. Not to mention that you can easily assemble them without complications, and they can be transported around without hassle. You don’t need special expertise to use these displays, and you’ll find that having them may just be the thing you need to get the right attention for your brand.

What is Pop-Up Display

Pop-up displays are also known as pop-up booths, and they can either be single-sided display systems or they can be double-sided. They give you the opportunity to display attractive graphics in larger formats than most types of tabletop displays.

These types of trade show pop-up displays are well known because of their special ability to pop up. They can be installed from scratch without any special tools or expertise. One person can assemble this display when they need to. This makes them a very good and efficient option for people who want to make their brands known at trade shows and other events, even when they don’t have enough resources to assemble an entire team of experts. They are also useful when you do not want to use larger booths.

These pop-up displays are very easy to put in place, and they give a very professional feeling to your brand. They are portable enough to store easily and can be taken apart and transported. There are different styles and sizes of them. It doesn’t matter what size or style you eventually settle on, the pop-up displays for trade shows are always an indication of the level of commitment and attention to detail that you put into your business – a quality many customers unknowingly look out for.

Benefits of Using Pop-up Booth At Events

Apart from the fact that they are great for getting more attention, there are many reasons why you should use these boots at your event.


Assembly. These trade show pop-up displays can be assembled easily. This is one of the core properties that make them so popular. The assembly professional is a simple matter of taking out and opening the frame before locking it and putting the graphic print on it. It is a process that can easily be completed by one person.


Interchangeable. The prints can be changed at any time. This makes the frames very cost-effective because you do not need to make a new one every time you need these kinds of displays. Brands working with a tight budget will find these kinds of displays to be invaluable because they help to save time and money at trade shows.


Savings. Since the prints can be easily interchangeable, you can easily save more money on these types of frames. The problem of making a new frame every time you have an event is solved. All you’ll need to do is make new prints rather than a new booth.

Styles of Pop-Up Displays

There are different types of pop-up displays:


Straight booths


Curved booths. They are slightly curved versions of straight booths and can easily be placed on tables.


Backlit booths. These can either be straight or curved but are unique because of the illumination within them. They have lights to draw more people to your booth and can come in several sizes.


Magnetic booths. As the name implies, the magnetic pop-up displays for trade shows attach print and frame to each other through magnets. Hence, the prints are in different sections, making it possible to create many small prints rather than a large standalone print.


3D booths. These types of booths are very eye-catching, and they contain several areas for customized prints. You can arrange your prints in attractive shapes for more attention.


SEG booths. This type of display booth has SEG graphics with edges that can be slid into the frame easily.

Create Unique Pop-Up Displays With Kustom-Designs

Kustom-Designs is your go-to stop for unique pop-up displays for your trade events. The intention is to ensure that you always stand out at any event you attend, and we can help you make that happen easily. We are able to accommodate your budget and still help you create high-quality products to advertise your brand.

Frequently Asked Questions

These types of displays function effectively as backdrops and tabletops.

There are different sizes and shapes available for you to choose from, depending on your preferences.

You can get the best tabletop displays and backdrops at Kustom-Designs.

These frames are cost-effective because they can be used at different events with different prints.