Logo Design Services in Hamilton, ON

Having the own logo for your business is beneficial in many senses, and with Kustom-Designs you get a chance to get a quality and cheap logo design!.

Your customers perceive your brand through the images and designs you communicate, and your logo is the foremost picture that shape the image of your brand in your customers’ eyes. Your logo is the main attribute of your brand identity so you should pay especially high attention to it.

Logo Design

It’s highly recommended that all businesses design their special logo which would make their companies more memorable and recognizable for their audiences. The process of designing a logo is rather complex and difficult, as it must rely on both your business idea and the images and associations that you want to evoke in your audience. To build a really worthy logo for your business, a professional approach and qualified work are needed, thus, it’s reasonable to refer for qualified logo design services.

This work will be happening in several stages, and you will be given several different versions of your logo. So, once you decided to make a logo for your company, get ready for a serious work process of several stages that may happen not that fast. The process of designing your logo at Kustom-Designs will consist of these stages:

1. Getting the design brief.

At this stage, you deliver to us your business idea and the associations of it you wish to create in your customers. This will serve us as your general view of your future logo that we will orient on.

2. Brainstorm.

After getting your brief, our team will gather and discuss their ideas and then storyboard, sketch, and create a short phrase describing your business that will later help the team of designers to choose the future typography for the logo, its dimensions, and its design focus.

3. Creation of the project.

Here, we will construct mock-ups of your future logo and share them with you, so that we will know what you’re satisfied with and what direction to choose.

4. Feedback and revision.

At this stage, we present you the final results of our logo design services to get your feedback. If you see that certain changes must be made to the final version of your logo, we incorporate those changes and again send it to you for the end approval.

As you see, at Kustom-Designs, logo design services are fully under your control from the very beginning up to the very end. With such an approach, you can be sure that you will get exactly what you want and won’t lose your time considering logo versions that don’t match your vision.

Benefits of having a business logo

You’re surely making a step ahead in your business development when you decide to invest in designing your business logo. But is it really that necessary? Couldn’t my business go somehow without its own logo? – Yes, it’s actually possible for your business to survive without a logo but it will have certainly better perspectives if your company has it.

Having a logo is about not only advancing your brand but your business as a whole. The indisputable benefits of having a logo are:


Improving your corporate identity

Your business logo is a perfect solution to get into your audience’s memory at first glance. This visual graphic is the most concise but capacious and catches your customers’ attention. Thanks to it, your audience will recall your brand maybe in less than a second which is extremely beneficial for your business. Because with a logo, it will become more visible to your existing and prospective customers. Long story short, your business will acquire a visual identity filled with the main messages of your affair.


Getting promotional opportunities in many industries

With a bright, memorable, and professionally crafted business logo, your company becomes more memorable and can stand out from the crowd more confidently. With your own logo, you can be sure that your customers won’t ever forget about you. Additionally, your business will also get more recognition from your partners from other industries.

Because with a logo you acquire a sign of reliability and trustworthiness, you are more likely to attract attention from the media and expand your popularity to the wider masses. Should you need to partner with a firm from another industry be sure that you will be given instant answers and exceptional respect if you have your own logo.

Why Kustom-Designs is your best option?

If you want to design a logo for your business, you should choose a company that provides this service first. Luckily, as you’re on this site intending to craft your business logo, look no further as you have already found the right company! Why should you believe this? – Because when working with our company you get a range of benefits, such as:


The clients-first approach

We build the process of designing your company’s logo around your vision and desires. Later, we share with you all the mock-ups and work results to get your feedback and bring reasonable further changes to them.


The utterly professional team

We gathered under one roof professional designers with various experiences. They have tons of creativity and expertise to provide you with their art fast and efficiently.


Fair and fully predictable prices

We discuss the price before we accomplish your logo, so you will be able to get a cheap logo design and won’t face any surprises on this matter.

Frequently Asked Questions

A logo is a distinctive visual mark of your business. It’s a small image that combines a picture and text that symbolizes your company the best and makes it literally unforgettable for your audience.

Yes, it absolutely does because, with a logo, your business becomes a lot more recognizable and memorable for your audience. Logically, you will more easily attract new customers and will get more attention from the media and partners from other industries.

All you need to do is to contact us and write a design brief where you will describe your business idea and the images you want your audience to associate your business with. After that, you will need to leave your comments on the sketches of your logo that we will send to you.

When ordering a logo design from a professional agency, the price usually varies from $3000 to tens of thousands of dollars. As in Kustom-Designs clients are the first priority, you will be able to get a cheap logo design.