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Custom Signs in Hamilton

Make your statement with Kustom-designs custom commercial signs! Elevate your storefront, show the brand logo, and spread the message to your customers. With uniquely-made signage, a business in Hamilton can strike the message or announcement, reach its targeted audience faster, and convert it into loyal customers. Add a personal branding feel to your studio, office, or establishment for a professional look.

Benefits From Custom Business Signs

When it comes to real-life physical marketing, signage is the most powerful tool to target your clients with needed messages, express brand values, or share the news and promotions. A single sign with an eye-catching design helps your customers make the correct associations with your brand and help the business to build a loyal community.

At Kustom-designs, we help fellow brands in Hamilton elevate their business with high-quality and stylish custom-made signs. We guarantee you can strike the message and be heard by the public with our brand-aligned storefront or indoor signs.

Types of Signs From Kustom-Designs

Our company specializes in manufacturing and printing various kinds of indoor and outdoor business signs. Discover what we can do for local companies and establishments in Hamilton, Ontario!


Illuminated signs

At Kustom-designs, we offer budget-friendly LED-powered signage. Our custom-made illuminated signs feature fluorescent tubes and neon lights for lower energy consumption. Whether you prefer regular front-lit letters, LED Channel letters, or a box, our illuminated sign options can cover any of your design needs and requirements.




Storefront Signs

We serve various businesses in Hamilton by offering durable acrylic, vinyl, or aluminum storefront signs. From a simple sign box and non-illuminated letters & logo to elaborated designs, LED lights, and awnings to make your exterior pop. We work cross-industry, producing the signage for administrative offices, retail, restaurants, local businesses, and nationwide chains. Custom storefront signs from Kustom-designs can make any business stand out.


Storefront Signs 1


3D Signs & Letters

To bring the branding feel to the exterior or indoor studio and office, we offer 3D signs & letters that elevate any design. Such a cost-effective solution can give your company a more professional look. Our 3D signs & letters come in various materials, from wood, mostly used indoors, to acrylic and aluminum for exterior use.




Sign Box

The classical option of a sign box opens up space for your fantasy, allowing you to create a unique message. We offer vinyl cut graphics and box cut designs that can be customized uniquely to your brand’s strategy. The signed box from Kustom-designs can feature LED lights for nighttime advertising.


Real Estate Signs

Kustom-designs’s team can create custom signs for various business or personal purposes. Our technology allows us to produce light-weighted and durable exterior real estate signs for public announcements. With high-quality color printing and personalized design, we ensure your message on the real estate signs will strike the community about upcoming listings or more.



Wall Graphics and Murals

If you’re planning on expanding your storefront marketing to other areas, we recommend getting wall graphics and murals. For quite a low price, you get the opportunity to add a logo, slogan, message, announce the sale season or use unique design applique. Our wall graphics and murals options feature easy-adjustable stickers and 2D or 3D letters from various materials, like wood, acrylic, and more.



A-Frame Signs

Inexpensive A-frame signs offer flexibility in changing the message board. The panels are easy to store, making it convenient for businesses to update seasonal offers or one-time deals. The A-Frame signs structure is reliable and waterproof, making it a perfect fit for indoor and outdoor use.



H-Frame Signs

You can use H-frame signs made from reliable materials to bring attention to your advertisement campaign. That format is an excellent choice for commercial and personal use, whether you want to use the acrylic panel or print the waterproof banners to translate your statement. You can modify and update the panels of the H-frame signs boards whenever needed.



Construction Signs

It’s crucial for construction signs to be simple and bright and strike the message to drivers and pedestrians in order to avoid incidents. We can guarantee that the Construction Signs will withstand weather conditions due to our durable materials and quality color printing.



P.O.P. Signs

The Point of Purchase or P.O.P. signs are the most common way to attract customers to new promotions, sale seasons, and deals. It’s an easy and budget-friendly way to communicate with clients and provide high-end customer service. We offer various options of P.O.P. signs for interior and exterior use. With the customized waterproofed POP signage, you can expand business outreach, reaching non-regular visitors.

Advantages of Working With Kustom-Designs

Kustom-designs serves local businesses in Hamilton to bring their marketing strategies to life with unique top-quality signage. By choosing our team, you’ll get:


100% custom signs design, reflecting the essence of your brand




Durable, high-quality outdoor business signs able to withstand severe Canadian winters


Friendly and creative team to assist you


Fast manufacturing, with zero missed deadlines


Quality color printing for indoor signs, using cutting-edge technology


Best price on the market

Do you have more questions about our services? Don’t hesitate to contact our team by simply filling out the form online for a free quote and consultation!

Frequently Asked Questions

At Kustom-designs, we care about quality and durability. Therefore our outdoor signs from acrylic, vinyl, or aluminum can withstand severe weather conditions without losing their polished look. On average, storefront signs last around seven years.

Depending on the size, complexity, and workload, signs printing takes between 1 and 3 weeks. Our team announces the deadline for the projects before placing your order in motion.

The regulation requires a business that wants to put on outdoor signs or banners to have a permit. Please note that in some cases issuing a permit takes up to 4 weeks. Therefore, we recommend taking care of the storefront in advance.

Simply contact our crew by filling out the form online or by calling. Keep in mind that customers should provide details and requirements about preferable custom signs. We advise having the concept or mockups in the digital format that you can send to the designers before signs printing.

The installation takes a couple of hours, depending on the size of the signage. The setting up might take longer if your project requires an electricity connection.