Custom H Frame Signs Hamilton

One of the best ways to send messages and advertise things to pedestrians or people in your neighbourhood is through H-frame signs. You can easily make use of available space in your yard to install H signs and get your message across to your target audience.

The H frame signs we make at Kustom-Designs are printed on high-quality corrugated plastic in vibrant full colours. They are perfect for displaying essential information and giving directions to passersby. They also serve as great yard signs. You can also decide to use Aluminum materials for increased strength of your H frame signs.

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H Stand for Signs

Not all kinds of stands can be used to attach signs to the ground. Our H stands for signs, however, they are perfect for this purpose. We understand that when putting out a yard sign, you need to have a reliable stand that will guarantee the longevity and durability of your signs. H stands usually fit into coroplast signs on one end and are placed into the yard on the other end. They are perfect for keeping your sign firmly secure in the ground.


Yard signs are going to be exposed to the weather, both good and bad, so it is important that they are made of materials that can withstand unfavourable weather. They also need to have a structure that will not be easily toppled over in the event of wind. The H stands for signs made at Kustom-Designs, and are great for ensuring that you can have your signs out in your yard for as long as you want. When installing yard signs, you need to be sure that you have a product that will serve your purposes for as long as possible. H stands for signs that will make that possible for you.

small h frame

Small H-Frames

There are different kinds of H-frame signs for different purposes. For times when you only need to advertise a small message, like a “for sale” sign, small H-frame signs are perfect. They are not expensive and are very easy to install. They are also a way to save money. Instead of spending large amounts of money on the remainder


Medium H-Frames

Medium H frame signs are very suitable for larger signs where you need to pass slightly bulkier messages across. A lot of these signs could contain information about a business or even a new development in the area that people need to know about. The good thing about these frames is that they can be customized according to your needs. All you need to do is inform our experts at Kustom-Designs, and they will help you out with the kind of H frame you require.


Yard Signs

Yard signs or lawn signs are mini advertising signs that property owners can place in their yards or in front of their property to announce messages. Oftentimes, the target audience of yard signs is pedestrians who have a bit of time to read the message before going about their day. The messages on yard signs are often colourful, short and concise to adequately capture the attention of anyone passing by.


Why Choose Kustom-Designs?

When looking for H signs, you need designers who understand the importance of using high-quality materials in making long-lasting products. That is what you stand to gain when you choose Kustom-Designs to make your H stands. We are always prepared to listen to your needs and create designs that suit your specific purposes. You don’t need to look further when it comes to H frames that will fit your yard signs.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can get H frames for your lawn at Kustom-Designs.

The H stands usually fit into the coroplast signs and the top, while their other ends go into the ground.

Yes. H signs are built to be durable and withstand unfavourable conditions.

You can create most kinds of advertisements with these kinds of frames.