Storefront Signs in Hamilton

The exterior of your business is the face of the brand. Store signs are a massive part of marketing and should send the right message to the targeted audience. At Kustom-Designs, we know how to make your store pop with uniquely-made storefront designs for a direct impact on your business growth!

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Custom storefront signage

Doesn’t matter if you’re only opening up a brand-new business, expanding your sales points, or renovating the good old place. The sign is a powerful marketing tool to attract clients, spreading the correct brand message. Think about your favorite restaurant, store, or chain. The signage always stands out, capturing the essence of the company’s branding. Therefore, storefront design should be a big part of marketing strategy. Fully custom business signs for a storefront from Kustom-Designs elevate the exterior designs while promoting your brand. Well-thought-through sign design sends the message to the perfect client to check out your business and increases the loyal customer community.

Types of storefront signs from Kustom-Designs

At our company, we work with the most effective types of exterior signs to help local companies reach the general public. If you have doubts about which store signage works better for your business, contact our team directly for a consultation. We can advise you on the options depending on your location, type of services, preferences, and goals.


LED Channel letters signs

Lighted-up Channel letters are the best solutions for keeping your business seen at any time of the day. The LED technology is cost-effective and easy to take care of. For LED Channel storefront signs, we use acrylic sheets and aluminum poles to increase durability in rough weather conditions and reach outstanding lightweight results.

At Kustom-Designs, we can customize the design, color, and position of the light depending on your brand vision. For channel letters, our clients can choose:

  • Backlit lights;
  • Front lit letters;
  • And Halo effect.

LED Channel signs are a best-suited option for those brands who want to stand out with the eye-catching and trendy storefront and make a bold statement.
Storefront Signs 3


Customized awning signs

Awnings are never-dying classics for any business and leading solutions for commercial signs for many years. Because of the structure, the awning sign is highly-functional, giving your customers space outside to hide from the Canadian rain or snow. Awning signage allows you to come up with any kind of design and customize used material, colors, and styles to give your storefront the best-suited brand representation and a more elevated look. More business owners prefer awnings as it’s one of the most budget-friendly options on the market and makes any storefront pop from a distance.


Sign boxes

Kustom-Designs sign boxes fit perfectly in any surroundings, from shopping malls, administrative establishments, airports, restaurants, and much more. As coming in different sizes and shapes, those storefront signs are a popular choice to capture your brand name, notify clients about promotions or add a brand logo. The sign boxes feature vinyl cut graphics, full-color graphics, and the option to block out specific designs. For the illuminated option, we customize the sign box with LED light inside for a cost-effective energy consumption solution. The durability of the sign box signage, on average, is up to 7 years.

Sign boxes are a simple yet eye-catching way to design a storefront. It gives a space for creativity, allowing it to include a unique message, and fit any exterior.


Illuminated storefront signage

There is no better way to make the outdoor store signs pop than using illuminated letters. The light source behind the construction makes any sign visible during the night and works perfectly for businesses with late open hours. At Kustom-Designs, we ensure that pylon signs won’t take all the budget by installing fluorescent tubes and neon as energy-saving solutions. The Illuminated letter signs come in different sizes. With Kustom-Designs, you can customize the font and color scheme to fit into the company’s brand.

In addition, we offer illuminated window graphics to light up your business with unique designs, logos, or messages.


Non-illuminated brand logos and letters

Many companies and organizations don’t need an illuminated sign for their offices. So why pay more for the LED lights you won’t use when we can create unique non-illuminated storefront signs, capturing the brand and fitting into any exterior design? With our client-centric approach, you can customize size, shape, design, logo, colors, and material to give the right message to your customers. Kustom-Designs served various organizations and businesses in Hamilton, Ontario, creating the best-fitted storefront signage, from simple and modest to grand, bright, and trendy.

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Custom-made banners

The banner is another way a brand can deliver the message to the public eye, notify about the sale or promotion, and tell more about the service. Our vinyl or mesh banners allow you to print anything, from logo and trademark to promotion campaigns. We offer custom-made designs aligned flawlessly with the brand to keep your storefront clean.
Our team offers visual mock-ups before producing the banners, so our clients can double-check how they will fit with shop front signs.
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Benefits of working with us

As a Hamilton-based store signage company, Kustom-Designs cares about the local business, helping them execute marketing strategies and make an outstanding first impression. By choosing to partner up with us, you get:


Client-oriented approach to delivering unique custom signs;


Friendly team that can assist you in selecting the best solution;


High-quality material able to withstand Ontario weather;


Fast and secure installation on sight;


Timely delivery with no holdbacks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Producing business storefront signs takes between 2 and 4 weeks, depending on the size and complexity of the project. Make sure that getting an official permit for storefront signage is a time-consuming process and can add up to 4 weeks on top of the production. Therefore, never leave it for the last second, right before opening.

Our storefront signs company is based in Hamilton, Ontario. We serve local businesses and neighboring areas. Not sure if we can help you? Contact us for more details!

The regulation requires a business that wants to put on outdoor signs or banners to have a permit. Please note that in some cases issuing a permit takes up to 4 weeks. Therefore, we recommend taking care of the storefront in advance.

If located indoors, it can even outlast your business. For the outdoor banners, it depends on the material and weather conditions in the area. Overall outdoors print lasts up to 7 years.

To start the process of producing and installing branded store signs, the client should provide us with the following information:

  • Due date of the project;
  • Budget;
  • Preferable size, dimensions, material;
  • Color management;
  • Type of the storefront signs;
  • Logo, name, and other personalized details.