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Wall Murals & Decals in Hamilton

Wall Mural & Decals are vinyl-printed wall graphics installed using static clings or adhesive backing.

Wall murals wallpaper is printed on large vinyl sheets and used for decorating or branding. Conversely, Decals are on smaller sheets and are used for different advertising facets of a business.

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Custom Wall Murals

With wall murals becoming popular, hence it is not uncommon to see the same wall murals in different places. Imagine the same wallpaper image being used in about 5 different homes! Disappointing, right?

However, custom Wall murals are beginning to take over the vinyl wall murals market as businesses seek unique vinyl wall murals that portray the values of the business. Some businesses may desire custom wall murals with their logo on them to impress their client or show the values of the business.

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Custom mural wallpapers bring out values, ideas, and expressions into life. Imagine you putting a flower-customized wallpaper in your daughter’s room just to express her beauty! Imagine images of nature being printed on a wall-sized vinyl mural and pasted on the wall of your room to help you relax after a tiring day!

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Do not worry! Custom wall murals are not hard to create. All you need to do is to upload any image, design, or artwork of your choice as long as it fulfills the image requirement of the murals artists. Select a size and the material you wish to have it printed on, and Voila! You have a personalized wall mural without stress.

Wall Graphics Options

With the existence of large-format printing machines, there are different varieties of wall murals that can be made available:


Custom Wallpaper 

This is a form of wall murals wallpaper that is self-adhesive and ready to use. With a width of 1.2m, it can be installed like normal wallpaper, creating an edge-to-edge wall size effect. This kind of custom wall graphic is easy to wash by hand and possesses abrasive-resistance quality.



Vinyl Wall Decals

Vinyl wall decals -also called Wall Stickers- are self-adhesive custom wall graphics that are usually cut to shape. Matt-finish vinyl prevents internal lighting reflection on this form of wall murals.

It is easy to fit and usually comes on a transfer tape.






Phototex is another form of custom wall graphics that can be reused and readjusted at will. Phototex is easily installable using a squeegee. 

It is ideal for any smooth surface and is a great option for museums and galleries.



Blueback Paper

Blueback Paper is a cost-effective wall murals wallpaper that is often used on outdoor billboards. It also functions as indoor wallpaper murals. As a result of its low-priced nature, it is the best choice for temporary exhibitions and displays.


Create Unique Wall Mural with Kustom-Designs

Kustom-Designs prides itself on its unique custom wall graphics as we provide 100% assurance on the high-quality rate of our materials. Our team comprises highly skilled designers who can take on any task and provide quality results. We also provide 24-hour customer support with one-on-one assistance to our customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our company prints murals on high-quality vinyl materials.

Yes! All you have to do it to upload the design or artwork you want. The design upload minimum requirements are stated on the webpage.

Although we have a minimum standard size of 15 square feet, we have a guideline for measuring your wall for a mural.

Yes! Our mural can be cleaned using a damp cloth. However, no chemicals should be used on the surface.