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3D Signs & Letters in Hamilton

Kustom-designs creates all possible variations of custom channel lettering signs and letters using various kinds of materials, colors, and styles. A perfectly fitting sign or logo can significantly impact the way your interior looks and make the exterior of your shop, hotel, office center, restaurant, or beauty parlor vivid enough to attract attention.

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Types of 3D Signs & Letters

Channel lettering signs can be used for basically any space: an office building, a hotel, a restaurant, a shop, educational institutions, a hairdresser’s, or some other type of health and beauty establishment, etc. It will always bring style to either interior or 3D exterior signage of a corporate building and make it more visible.

However, depending on the kind of building you want to put it in, you need to opt for different types of channel letters. This concerns size, material, style, and general design. What types of channel letter signs and letters are there? First, let us categorize them by material.

1. Plastic letters

These are highly convenient for any exterior: while they might lack elegance, they are really durable and can hardly be harmed by the weather, unlike wooden dimensional letters. They are also not as expensive as some alternatives, which is why we see them so often.

2. Metal

These are likely to serve you for years, regardless of where you display them. They are also quite sophisticated and can create either a vintage or a modern look, depending on the style you are after. The kinds of metals normally applied in sign creation are bronze, aluminum, and stainless steel.

3. Foam

These are quite cheap and easy to work with, so you can create all sorts of forms. When conducted appropriately, foam channel lettering signs can actually look like metal. However, it is better to keep them inside and not apply them to the exterior.

4. Wood

Wood looks very stylish and can be used in many different styles. It is a perfect solution for indoor design. However, taking it outside would be a mistake because even durable wood can easily be damaged by rain and wind. Even if you do not have to replace it, you will have to conduct a lot of renovation work in order to keep it attractive.

5. Acryl

Acryl is usually combined with metal to create modern-looking outdoor or indoor solutions.

Besides various materials, channel lettering signs come in various styles. Let us take a closer look at the most popular channel letter styles.


3D Logo Signs

Logo channel lettering signs are vital for making your brand visible and creating a sufficient marketing strategy. 3D logo signs are supposed to reflect the style of the company and highlight its main idea. 3D signs are commonly used by all kinds of brands, regardless of what industry they work in.



Front-lit Channel Letter Signs

There is no better way to make sure your business gets enough customers than attracting their attention with a brightly lighted sign. With front-lit channel letter signs, pedestrians will be able to notice your brand name even in total darkness. It also builds a special atmosphere around your building with its lighting effect.



Reverse Channel Letters

These are very trendy right now — instead of having the dimensional letters lighted, you light the space behind them, making them appear magical and soft. Ше requires exquisite design and can potentially attract a lot of customers as it is really vivid. You can also use reverse channel letters on the inside as an alternative lighting source to create a special atmosphere.



Non-illuminated Channel Letters

Non-illuminated channel letters are much cheaper than lighted ones and can suit your business if it has long downtime. If it opens in the evening, this might not be the right choice, as it will not be noticeable in the dark. It is also best to avoid these kinds of 3D signs in crowded areas with a lot of businesses around.



Indoor Sign Letters

When you want to use channel letters in your interior, you do not have to worry about the durability of materials or keeping them bright and noticeable. Instead, you can focus on details and make sure that you choose an appropriate style.



Outdoor Sign Letters

If you choose to use channel letters on the outside, you must choose durable material and make sure that your sign is visible. However, avoid making it too bright and try to integrate it into the environment — that way, outdoor sign letters will not annoy pedestrians while attracting enough attention.

Various Channel Letter Styles You Can Choose



This is the most standard option that is commonly chosen by all kinds of businesses. Channel letters are usually made from aluminum and have internal lighting — either neon or LED lights. You can make this kind of letter shiny and choose from a variety of callers. The storefront letters of your sign will always be lighted and noticeable day and night.



These channel letters are also made of aluminum. However, instead of placing the light inside the actual channel letters, we place them on the back. Consequently, you see something similar to a halo around each letter as they are lit from the back. Back-lit or halo-lit channel letters create a great look that can be used inside as well as outside — the lighting is not too aggressive.



You can combine different colors by using one on the back and another on the front side. This is great for branding: if your brand colors are red and green, for example, you can create letters with red neon light and a green halo.


Open face

In this case, you show neon instead of covering it in something. This also helps create a unique look for an otherwise standard approach.

The Advantages Of 3D Signs And Letters

The most important impact of outdoor channel letter signs is that they make you noticed, which is what businesses crave. Unlike other kinds of marketing strategies, these 3D signs attract customers who are actually nearby and can easily make an instant decision to choose you among all the options for channel letters.

3D lettering signs also allow you to create a specific atmosphere on the inside — you can choose the style and color that represent the very essence of your business.

Nowadays, lit letters are commonly used for creating inspirational channel letter signs as well as promoting logos. Educational institutions use them to make information visible and interesting. Party planners often order dimensional letters for weddings and birthdays; they are even applied in private spaces as a way of artistic expression. Briefly speaking, there is nothing you cannot do with 3D letters.


Why Choose Kustom-designs?

Despite having affluent experience in creating 3D letter signs, we are open to new ideas and constantly look for new tools and approaches for your custom orders. We know everything about both the technical side of work and the artistic aspect of it. Our goal is to turn channel letter signs into art while working with the highest level of professionalism.

Kustom-designs has all the required expertise to satisfy all of your needs and find the ultimate solutions for your indoor and outdoor sign letters. We work with all materials and styles so that you are not restricted by anything when choosing your perfect sign.

Frequently Asked Questions

We can create a sign within only a few days after making final design decisions in accordance with your request. It may, however, depend on the complexity of your idea.

The price depends on the material you choose, the kind of lighting you prefer, and the size of the project. Contact us to get a precise estimation.

Certainly, you can control the process and choose the style that suits you.

You should contact us in order to fix the situation and get a replacement.

3D signs and letters can be used for basically any space: an office building, a hotel, a restaurant, a shop, educational institutions, a hairdresser’s, or other types of health and beauty establishment, etc.

The type of channel letter signs you choose depends on the following factors:
1. Where you are going to place it
2. How much are you willing to invest
3. The location of your business
4. Your brand style