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Custom A-frame Signs Hamilton

If you’re on the lookout for an excellent outdoor sign that you can put out during the day and then store at the close of work, then what you need are custom A-frame signs.

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A-frame signs are a very cost-effective way of attracting your customers’ attention. It is an easily customizable and attractive option for businesses in Hamilton. They are an excellent option for business owners looking for advertising options that can be easily removed and installed at their convenience. A lot of signs are permanent and some business owners in Hamilton may prefer signs that they can keep after closing daily.

Find out why you need to invest in custom A-frame signs for your Hamilton business today. Kustom-Designs is the number one destination to get quality A-frames for your business.

What Is an A-frame sign?

Another name for A-frame signs is outdoor sandwich signs. It is a temporary sign usually placed right in front of a business. It is used in many busy areas where it may be difficult to see storefront signs. Outdoor sandwich signs can be used in such areas alongside your signage, so they both complement each other and draw as much attention to your business as possible.

Sandwich board signs are named after their design. In their creation, a folding board provides most of the stability of the sign. They can either be single or double-sided signs. They are usually installed in the direction of oncoming traffic. When they are placed in narrow streets or very busy areas, these kinds of frames have a very high potential of getting the attention of passersby and encouraging them to patronize your business.


Sidewalk signs are a very efficient and cheap means of advertising that can help you secure your customer base and increase the revenue you get from your advertising budget.

Sidewalk signs help you increase the amount of attention you can gather for your business around you. For every business to succeed, you need proper advertisement wherever you are.

These kinds of signs are very smart choices for business owners trying to spread awareness about their brand within their environment.

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Sandwich Board Signs Features

Sandwich board signs have a couple of features that make them well sought after:

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These types of frames can easily be moved around with minimal effort.



Custom A-Frame signs are very durable and can last throughout the year in spite of bad weather. Some of them even have metal frames.


Increased Visibility

A-Frames increase the visibility of your business as it is an extra opportunity for you to reach more people.

Weighted A-Frame Signs 

At Kustom-Designs, we are skilled at making weighted A-Frame signs and regular plastic signs with everyday materials such as wood and metal that keep the frame standing. Weighted A-Frame signs are perfect for outside use because they can resist unfavourable weather conditions and stay standing in the event of wind.

A lot of businesses leave their weighted A-Frame sign stand in front of their businesses throughout the day and even at night. The signs are kept secure by attaching them to trees or solid-standing objects.

It doesn’t matter if you intend to leave the sidewalk signage standing throughout the day or if you are just looking for a solid sign that will not be blown away easily, weighted A-Frame signs are some of the best chances you have.



Why Choose Kustom-Designs

Advertising is an integral part of success in business. You can’t expect to excel in your business if you do not invest in proper advertising channels. At Kustom-Designs, we have experts capable of making the best outdoor sign frames you need to push your business forward.

Kustom-Designs has expert designers who are able to bring your imagination to life on your outdoor sign frames. We create sturdy signs using high-quality materials that are long-lasting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, these types of frames are very sturdy and can be used outside. They are often placed right in front of your business.

Yes. A-Frame signs and sandwich board signs are the same things.

These frames are relatively light and can be easily moved around.

These frames are durable and can last for very long periods.