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Custom Canopy Tents in Hamilton 

If you’re making plans for your barbeque, family picnic time, or company hangout, you’ll want shade from the sun or rain. That’s what you need canopy tents for. It gives you a chill time when it’s sunny and a dry time when it’s rainy. You can do your activities in the heat of summer and the chill of autumn.

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Pop-Up Canopy Tents 

Also known as “frame tents,” these coverings are an easy way to set up camp anywhere in the open. If you go hiking or send your kids boot camping, these pop-up canopy tents can be easily dismantled and rearranged, even by children. In fact, some of them can be reduced into backpack-fitting materials, making you and the materials mobile. What makes it pop canopy tents is the fact that you don’t need an expert to set up camp. You just pop it up. 

Pop canopy tents come in different sizes and for different purposes. There are mainly two parts of the canopy; the frame and the canopy top. The canopy top is basically the sheets that prevent the rain or sun from beating you. It’s made of polyester and is protective enough for you. The second part is called the frame. It’s made of steel or aluminum and is what allows the canopy top to stand above your head. 

They come in different sizes and features and can be custom canopy tents, depending on what you plan to use them for. There’s the business canopy tents, party type, or even marquee tents. You just have to make your pick.

Which Pop-Up Canopy is Right For You?


Straight – Leg Canopy

This outdoor canopy tent is sinewy and strong for your use. If you need something that can withstand a windy day, then this type is what you need. It also has more coverage than the slant-leg canopy, which explains why it’s more expensive.


Slant-Leg Canopy

If you need something on a budget that’s still effective against the elements, then choose this cheap canopy tent. Though it’s not as strong as the straight-legs canopy, it’s still portable and reliable.

Create Customized Canopy With Kustom-Designs

You may want a unique, stylish, and classy custom canopy tent to make you stand out in the picnic field. Kustom-Designs has got you covered. Our experts are able to make customized canopy tents that carry your essence and represent you well. Be it a company, or just your personality, Kustom-Designs can help you create that customized canopy tent that tells all anybody needs to know about you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who knows, you may need it when you want to have a Barbecue or you’re on the beach. It’s very useful for an outdoor gatherings.

You can wash it in warm soapy water and dry it. Make sure you go easy on it so it doesn’t get a leak or fade off.

Yes, there are. You can get from 5 feet upwards.

Yes, you can, it’s quite easy to do.