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Custom Tablecloth in Hamilton

Table Cloths are needed to cover your tables, whether for ornamental purposes or just to shield them from stains and scratches. There are different types of Table Clothes, depending on what you need them for.

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Custom Table Covers

There are different types of Table Covers you can use for your brand and your events. You just have to decide before you order it.


Custom Printed

If you want the custom-printed tablecloth, then you’ll have to pay a premium price. But you also get premium benefits. It can be in any size, any colour, with unlimited print size, fitted or drape style table cloths. It’s very tempting, given that you can showcase your brand personality to the fullest at any event or trade shows you are at. This custom-printed table covers come as Table Throws, fitted table covers, stretch table covers, or table runners. You just have to make your pick.


Basic Printed Table Covers

If you want to showcase on a budget, then the Basic Printed Table Covers are the one for you. It comes at a considerable price, which allows you to spend less while still giving you great prints for your table covers. They have 4 colour choices available, drape style, and with a 37″w x 19″h maximum print area.

Types of Custom Tablecloth


Table Throws

Table Throws are the most basic forms of Table Cloth. Quite versatile for your use. They are not fitted to the tables but have pleated edges that make them loosely fitting for most table sizes. If you need a custom trade show tablecloth, then they’re perfect because they can be printed on five sides, including the top.


Fitted Table Covers

This is the most popular type of Table Cloth, and it is especially good as a custom trade show tablecloth. You will often find tables at trade shows or expos with this type of clothing, and that’s because it’s always a perfect fit. Unlike the Table Throws, this one isn’t loosely fit but takes the express shape of the table. That’s why you have to determine the table size before you purchase it. These table sizes can be 4 feet, 6 feet, or 8 feet.


Stretched Table Covers

This modern wonder is nothing but eye-catching at any event you find yourself in. It encompasses not only the top of the table but the sides as well, which makes it a great custom tablecloth for business. It wraps the legs, edges, front, and sides of the table, leaving only the back open for easy access. No wonder they’re so popular. You can be sure to use this at conventions, outdoor events, expos, or trade fairs.


Table Runners

Also known as Table Skirts, this is a unique type of Table Cloth. That’s because they are not meant to cover the whole table, or at least not the top. They go around the edges and legs and fit perfectly if you just want to display your custom tablecloth for a business logo without the risk of staining it.

Create Customized Tablecloth with Kustom-Designs

Do you want a custom tablecloth? Look no further. Any table display you desire for your house tables, event, expos, or trade fair can be created in no time.

With our expert designers, we can fix you the exact type of custom tablecloth you want, loose or perfect sized, and a personality you want to showcase to your dignified audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can get some for less than $120, depending on the design and specifications you choose.

It depends on the size of your table. Basically, to know what size you need, just get the size of your table.

Yes, you can hand-wash it in cold water or a washing machine separately. Avoid using bleach in order not to ruin the design.

It’s very easy. Just tell us the colour, style, and logo you want, and inform us about the delivery time. Very soon, you’ll get your customized tablecloth.