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Feather Flags In Hamilton

Feather flags are a near-perfect and effective way to advertise your brand, message or any form of promotion. They are very convenient solutions that can easily be moved around depending on the installation method. They are also aesthetically pleasing and are sure to draw eyes toward your brand or message.

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Advertising Feather Flags

Advertising feather flags are an effective promotional method for drawing attention to your business, brand, sale, message, product, or location. 

They are perfect for indoor and outdoor signage applications. They are also low-cost alternatives to the more expensive LED or neon signage. They are also alternatives for the vinyl banners if you want something a little more eye-catching. The aesthetics make it efficient promotional and marketing materials to increase brand visibility.

These printed feather flags offer vibrant, distinct feature colours. The high-quality dye sublimation printing, as well as print consistency with Pantone colour match, gives them long-lasting graphics for effective communication through its weather and waterproof resistance. 

You may also add something extra and different to your advertisement plans with our custom-printed feather flags variant — air dancers. These are custom inflatable tubes that take flags to the next level. The inflatable tube may have your logo, decided colours, and graphics. This type is very effective outdoors and in high-traffic locations as it is sure to catch a lot of eyes.

Custom Feather Flag Options

Advertising flags come in various types and shapes. You may choose whichever suits you or your event to use. Custom flags are broadly divided into single-sided or double-sided. Popular flag types include Blade, Swooper, Feather, and Teardrop.


Single and Double-sided 

Advertising flags are broadly divided into Single and double-sided. Single-side feather flags are see-through with unclear reverse images at the back of the flag sign. However, double-sided flags allow for targeting traffic from both sides, as you may add your message or graphics on both sides. They are highly recommended.


Feather Flags

All advertising flags may be collectively called feather flags, as most of them are in the shape of a feather. Whether it’s for an outdoor flag to stand out at a trade-show event simply or to lead customers to your businesses, feather banners make it happen. It’s one of the cheap feather flags options.


Swooper flags

Swooper flag may have been another name for a feather flag banner, but it typically refers to a flag that requires wind to stay open. However, feather flags no longer require wind to stay open, and that has made the name “swooper flag” desolate. The only effective way is using the flag outdoors.


Teardrop flags

Just like it says, teardrop flags are shaped like a teardrop in an upside-down position. They are just like your regular feather flags but are well-tapered toward the bottom. Although, one thing you should take note of is that teardrop flags offer less printing space compared to other advertising flags.


Straight Flags

Also known as edgy flags, the straight flag comes with a regular feather-shaped top and a rectangular bottom. They offer good printing space to make sure you completely pass your message across to your audience. However, straight flags are prone to fluttering in the wind compared to other advertising flag types.

Create Unique Feather Flags With Kustom-Designs

Advertising flags from Kustom-Designs are visually appealing and vibrant and are an inexpensive way to display your brand or message to your audience or customers. We will provide your feather flags custom in whatever size you want. They are custom for a reason. They also come with a free flag pole! We also offer all coverage and marketing you may need to make your feather flags stand out in any way. You may also use our guide below to select the right custom feather flag based on your need.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s a relatively fast process. It takes at most three days, including delivery, depending on what size you go for.

While all feather flags come with a pole set, they come with “their own” pole set. Each pole set is different from the others.

You can dust it off or use mild cleaning processes to remove stains. Make sure not to use it in adverse weather conditions and ensure to store it in a carrying bag when not in use, as this will prevent the flag from getting torn or ripped.

Of course! Kustom-Designs can help you create any feather flags custom design you decide on in whatever size you want.