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Mesh Banners in Hamilton

Ever wanted to advertise your business or product on a large scale? Have you ever wanted a high-quality advertisement design that is durable despite harsh weather conditions and won’t easily fade?
Then, Mesh Banner is the perfect banner advertisement option due to its cost effectiveness, durability and ease of use.

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What Are Mesh Banners

Mesh banners are printed banners with small holes that create an allowance for the wind to pass through. The allowance created by the holes is to prevent the tearing of the banner when the mesh banners are installed, even during terrible weather conditions. The airflow allowance keeps the mesh fence banner working for years. The mesh holes also reduce the weight of the banner. The use of mesh, when compared with vinyl or fabric banners, also makes the banner material resistant to wrinkling and tearing.

Mesh fence banners are usually hung on chain-linked fences but can be displayed in a number of different settings. They are hung using grommets or pole pockets. Mesh fence banners are used for outdoor advertisement and also used as fence wraps at construction sites. They are usually printed on a side and made using UV and abrasion-resistant ink. 

Mesh banners are recommended for outdoor pole-to-pole displays, construction fence wraps, fencing, scaffolds, lamp-posts, and café barriers.

Mesh Banner Features


Great for Windy Locations

Mesh Banner has small perforations that allow for airflow without trapping air, unlike vinyl or fabric banners.



Outdoor Mesh Banners are long-lasting and stand the test of time and weather conditions.



Due to the use of water-resistant polyester, mesh banners remain water-resistant and weather resistant.


Large Signage

Mesh Banners are printed in large format; therefore, it is large and can be easily seen.


Digitally Printed

Mesh Banners are printed with large format printers and have a clear resolution, thereby making them higher quality.


However, at Kustom-Designs, we make use of polyester fabric as our banner materials.

There are several banner materials that can be used for a mesh fence banner:


Mesh Banner


13oz Vinyl Banner


Polyester Fabric

Benefits of Using Mesh Banners

Mesh Banners serve enormous purposes and are highly beneficial to advertisers, production companies and the environment.

  • When a construction company uses fence wraps of its company’s logo and details on construction sites, it begins to create brand awareness both for investors and customers.
  • Custom Mesh Banners help to restrict areas, especially at construction sites, to protect others from harm.
  • It helps in the production of high-quality banners as it is digitally printed.
  • Mesh Banners are both low cost and high quality, so you get high value for little money.
  • Outdoor mesh Banners help to control harsh weather conditions from knocking down fences.
  • Mesh outdoor banners are easy to hang and have a strong grip through the banner tapes at their back.
  • It is eco-friendly as it has no material that harms the environment.
  • Mesh Banners last long due to their UV ray resistance, making them ideal as outdoor banners.

Create Unique Mesh Banners With Kustom-Designs

Kustom-Designs prides itself on its unique outdoor mesh banners as we provide 100% assurance on our use of high-quality polyester banner material. Our team comprises highly skilled designers who can take on any task and provide quality results. We also provide 24-hour customer support with one-on-one assistance to our customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our outdoor mesh banners are made only from polyester banner material.

Mesh banners allow for the passage of wind, unlike vinyl banners that catch the wind, which causes them to tear easily.

Yes! You can make vertical custom mesh banners. All you have to do is specify and also ensure your design is in a vertical format.

Sadly, no! Retractable banners are based on demand.

Our polyester fence banners are made to stand in harsh weather conditions.