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Perforated Banners in Hamilton

Perforated banners are an affordable way to advertise your business. We are all thinking of taking our business awareness to the next level with a medium that is durable even under adverse weather conditions. Perforated vinyl banners are just the perfect ones. Perforated banners are the king of storefront advertising. They are customizable, take up little space, and are very affordable.

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What is a Perforated Window Sign?

Perforated window signs – also known as window perf or stickers, consist of one-way vision, adhesive-backed perforated PVC vinyl that adds a style element to windows without compromising your natural light. They are made from high-quality vinyl that has been perforated with tiny holes across the entire surface. 

Perforated vinyl signs are semi-transparent and are only one-way vision. From inside, you can see the outside through the window signs, but you cannot see the inside from the outside.

Perforated window sign advertisements are perfect for retailers, start-up branding, store openings, bars, cafés, and any type of business that needs effective and affordable storefront advertising.

Benefits of using Perforated Vinyl Banners

  • Perforated vinyl banners are like a cheat for businesses to advertise. They are very durable, have a great look, are huge, and are very affordable.
  • Perforated banners are one of the most durable advertising methods. Since they are made from high-quality vinyl, they don’t suffer from adverse weather conditions or direct sunlight. They can also be easily removed without any damage to the glass or surface.
  • Another interesting benefit of using vinyl banners is the graphical outlook. There’s no loss in quality as the letterings, texts, logos, and other graphics are sure to retain their quality.
  • Vinyl signs are totally customizable! You may choose sizes from as small as 8″ x 8″ to 120″ by 120″. You can also choose if you want grommets or hems.
  • Security and privacy are enhanced. Staff will be able to see clearly who is approaching and entering the front doors, while the inside will be opaque from the outside.
  • They are also relatively affordable for such quality, offering a cost-efficient way to add branding and promotions to your businesses.

Create Unique Perforated Banners with Kustom-Designs

At Kustom designs, our focus is on delivering premium products with 100% customer service and satisfaction in mind. We utilize the highest quality, superior materials and product technologies integrated through our innovative research and development process. We offer the best vinyl cuts to create perforated banners. We also provide customer service support to advise on what to get if you don’t have something in mind yet.

Frequently Asked Questions

We can customize your banners to whatever size you want!

The banners are made from vinyl material.

Our vinyl banners are very durable. They also have an unmatched resistance against sunlight and other natural elements. Besides, you can very easily replace them.

The colours on vinyl banners are vibrant. Even in window signs, there’s no drop in quality. The graphics elements come out great.