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Custom Vinyl Banners in Hamilton

Vinyl banners are a popular way of print advertising in Hamilton. Most times, your online presence is not enough, but you can stamp your business or event into the mind of your audience through the powerful visuals of a vinyl banner.

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What are Vinyl Banners?

You may be thinking of advertising your business where it can attract anyone passing by, and vinyl banners are a go-to medium. Vinyl banners are a print form of advertising that supports full colour to project a maximum colour range. They are also flexible yet durable and can be used for a long period of time, ranging over seven years if properly handled.


Single Sided Banners

Single Sided Banners are the most cost-effective way to advertise almost anything, from brand awareness to Sale promos. They are digitally printed with UV ink. Single-sided banners are the default print type. It leaves the back side of your banner blank. It’s available for all material types.


Double-sided Banners

Double-sided Banners are custom vinyl banners that are printed on both sides. You are printing on both sides of the material or adding two different sheets together.

The double-sided banner is the best option if you’re advertising in an open space, at an expo or if you’ve got a lot of information. The information can either be the same on both sides, or it can be two different prints.

While double-sided banners are more expensive than single-sided banners, they provide more information and coverage and can be seen from almost all angles. Definitely worth it! Double-sided banners are only available from 15 oz upwards.

Banner Materials and Size

Choosing custom vinyl banner materials may seem to be a simple process, but it’s not. Where you’re using the material – indoors or outdoors, how long you plan to use it, and what graphic material you’re planning to print on it. The most popular banner materials are vinyl, mesh vinyl, and fabric banners.

Vinyl is the most popular and widely used material. Most of them are also finished with UV ink to make them fade, abrasion, and water resistant to increase their durability. It’s available for all weight options and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Meshy vinyl is just like vinyl in having fade and waterproof-resistant qualities. What separates both is that mesh vinyl is breathable because it has tiny holes in it that allow air to pass through. It’s an outdoor vinyl banner that is perfect for hanging on a fence where it has to fend off the wind. It lasts longer compared to vinyl.

Fabric banners, also called smooth, are photo-quality prints with a very high-quality range for professional-looking advertisements. Fabric banners are made from polyester and therefore don’t have high resistance to weather conditions. They are cheap vinyl banners and are best used indoors.

Banner size starts at 2′ by 1″ and goes up to 10′ by 12′. You can specially order smaller or even larger outdoor banners.

Create Unique Vinyl Banners with Kustom-Designs

Whether it’s single or double-sided banners you’re looking for, I’m sure you’ll want your banners to be of the best quality, from the materials, attention to detail, the hemmings or grommets, to the visual and colour quality. At Kustom designs, we provide prints that not just you but also us can be proud of and produce banners that will make all eyes move towards them — positively. Need a second opinion? We offer free consultation and revisions to make sure you get your banner exactly as you asked for it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We offer all print types and materials for your custom banners. Customer satisfaction is our priority.

As cheap as it can get! Vinyl sign banners are one of the most affordable sign options out there, and so they provide cheap plans as well.

We use a high-quality four-colour process that uses user-friendly and weather-resistant UV ink.

Depends entirely on what you want. Ranging from hems, grommets and banner stand–pole finishings.